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Quad Tyres For Sale

quad tyres for sale

    for sale
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93 Bridgestone RB-1, 54cm $650 OBO

93 Bridgestone RB-1, 54cm $650 OBO

Seat tube: 54cm C-C
Top Tube: 56.5cm C-C
Standover: 80cm (31.5") (when built with 700 X 28c wheels and tires)
Shimano 600 headset installed (not the weird one that needs a special wrench)

This frame is in excellent condition. In addition to the normal paint scratches on the dropouts from installing wheels, there are only a few very small paint scratches that were nicely touched up by the previous owner. Only one approaches fingernail size, most are more like the size of a pin head.

This is the 1993 model, the second to the last year that Bridgestone was selling bikes in the US. It has the rare Ritchey designed Bi-plane style fork crown which was only used on the 93 and 94 RB-1s. The tubing is Quad butted Ishiwata Croston 022E.

I have a red 93 RB-1 that you may test ride for fit. The RB-1 is a great lightweight steel frame that was very thoughtfully designed with practical touches like fender eyelets, and clearance for wider tires, up to 32c according to the catalog.

I bought this last year off of eBay for right around $650, intending to build it up as a 650b conversion, but never got around to it. It's too nice to just keep hanging in my basement. Would like to recoup as close to what I paid for it as possible, please make an offer.

SOLD June 19th, 2009
$595 including shipping to Oregon



This is a very fast and comfortable quad built for dune riding. It has only been used about 2 weekends a year or about 30-40 total hours. All modifications were professionally made.
Trinity Racing built engine – (55 horsepower) runs on race gas-
440 big bore kit-
Pro-Port Porting-
Stage IV Exhaust-
Dyna Ignition-
Hot Cams-
Race Piston-
Power flow intake kit-
FRC Carburetor-

Roll Design long travel front a-arms-
Elka adjustable long travel front and read shocks with piggy back reservoirs-
Roll Design steering stem-
Pro Taper bars-
Nerf bars-

Ricky Stator stator-
Lazer Star lighting-
Rad Lites-
Magellan GPS with billet bracket-

2 complete sets of tires for dune and trail riding.

It would cost over $15,000 to replace. Will sacrifice for $5,000. Ready to go for this season, just add sand.

quad tyres for sale

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